Monday, July 6, 2009

Handmade book with copper inlay

A new book for me!

Here's a little book I made for a workshop and then decided to keep it for some other purpose. For this book I carved out the curvy lines for the copper wire and then covered it with this beautiful handmade paper and then glued in the copper in the grooves. I have no idea if this is truly the best way to do this but it seemed to work.
It's a coptic stitch and signatures are various papers, drawing paper and watercolor paper.
On the back I unraveled the wires and glued them down like this,, kinda spooky!


freebird said...

Very nice book. Neat idea with the copper.

Gill M said...

This is glorious Gina - thank you for explaining how you achieved it, it has turned out really well.

Tammy said...

Beautiful book! The colored pages are a great addition!