Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wild Wings

Art is everywhere. Even in a sad situation. No, I didn't draw this.... this is the imprint of one of the many sparrows that mistakenly fly into my window. This happens alllllllll the time and don't worry, they nearly always live! I have left the window dirty so they will see that they can't fly through it but there is always one that will still try.
Anyway, look at the beautiful dust print! I will use this in my art somehow so that his misfortune won't go to waste. (this one was fine and flew off alright.)


Lorna said...

Hi Gina - This happened to me all the time until I read about cutting out the silhouette of a hawk or an owl in black and taping it to the window. Not super attractive, but it saved my birds! BTW, I think your work is stupendous. Best, Lorna

Laura said...

Ouch. You can also try hanging some ribbons or fabric strips in the window to break up the pattern so they see it a little better. I just found your blog - lovely.