Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted for a while but for the two people that ever read this, I'll share my latest. :-) This is a collage with additional pastels, transparencies and charcoal. It was done for a collaboration among 21 artists --an Exquisite Corpse Exchange. ... meaning that all the pieces will be cut in three pieces, head, torso and legs, so the pages can be flipped around exposing different body parts in each section. This collab was arranged by Red Scott who is brilliant at these kind of artistic collaborations. Anyway, I have received wonderful artwork (prints) from the other artists and now I need to make my little book of some sort to house this 'game'.
And here are my constant companions, my sweets. Only missing is Tucker, my golden retriever who is under my table. The kitties are Gypsy, Barker and Benji and they're watching the birds outside.


Jennifer said...

Love your page and your Kitties!!!

Musette said...

I agree - love your page and the kitties! I love all your work! Where do you teach?