Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sister Day

By god, I think I've started a new tradition! Sister Day. The date: anytime your husband is out of town. The atmosphere: totally casual, comfy clothes, super easy food, but lots of it. No kids, (or at least send them upstairs and forbid them to come down.) This is the holiday I've created for just my sisters and me!
Of course, being me, I had to infuse art into the situation somehow so I put them all to work. I brought out my hefty supply of rubber stamps and we made these wonderful banners.
My sisters are all very creative in all different ways so I don't think it was a big stretch for them to send a little creative energy to the paper, and, indeed, they created some great artwork! My sister, Cari is a musician and singer of her own band The Black Rose Band. My sister Teresa is a very talented writer and equestrian chic, and also likes to make stuff with polymer clay. And my sister Tomoko makes jewelry, draws, is a superb cook, and all around creative soul. I have one more sister who couldn't make it to Sister Day.
There is nothing quite as fun and relaxing as just talking with my girls without worrying about anything else. Eating without guilt for one day, going on garden tours in my backyard. We even stayed up and watched a great sister flick, Practical Magic (Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman).
All around a fun day, fun art, and a great retreat from our stressed out lives. I'm sure we will make Sister Day an annual thing, or maybe monthly!! ha. Who knows!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ah,, nice.

Well, it's been hot, hot, hot here in CA this week, near 102F. But we're overdue for the heat since we had some very mild weather the previous two weeks (90's). But right now it's 7:15pm, the sun is just beginning to go down and the weather is just beautiful! It's about 75. I absolutely love it when it's just warm and comfy and cozy like this, can hardly stay in the house at all.
So I'm on my patio , getting ready to watch the next Suziblu video for my workshop and I'm being visited by all kinds of sweet critters. The photo above is my sweet CooCooMa who is really like a puppy, runs up to me to give me kisses and beg. A russet hummingbird just whizzed by and the California towhee is hop, ho, hoppng by unafraid.

The ducks aren't here now, they're morning visitors, but you can see that even they get along with my crows. The crows come for 15 minutes in the morning and that's it. There's one who will follow me when I walk my dog. I must think of a good name for that smart guy.
And these sparrows and doves, titmice, nuthatches, and goldfinches are all regulars. To me there's just nothing better than being trusted by a wild thing. I love my cats and dogs of course, they're family, but it's so nice to spend some time with my outside friends.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

These beautiful lovebirds showed up one day 3 weeks ago. They are always together and though I seeked advise and attempted to get them to go in a cage (long story, not that interesting) but they seemed to be pretty wild. They have learned from the other birds to be afraid of all the appropriate stuff and I thought they'd be ok in the wild afterall. They came everyday to my feeders for food and I bought special lovebird food for them, too.
But this week there was only one. And two days ago I stopped hearing him, too. I'd like to think that they just found better food than I had to offer, but I have to acknowledge that this is a popular strike zone by the local hawks, and I did see one just the other day. Sad, they were fun to watch every day.

More Suzi drawings

Here's another one of my drawings from the online class I'm taking with SuziBlu ( Definitely looks better full size and not a thumbnail like this because that butterfly takes over the entire face. So many things I would change and do differently next time,,, but, what can I say, I'm learning.