Monday, November 8, 2010


I can't believe it's been more than 4 months since I posted here. It's always been difficult to keep up with All Things Internet. It's rewarding, but takes time. And now will be even more difficult because big changes are underway in my life. After being a stay-at -home mom for 14 years I am now back to work 30 hours a week! That, I would say.. is a significant change to the way I use my time each day. And though I love my job and feel so lucky to have landed in a spot where I can be amongst friendly, creative and amazingly talented people and be challenged to be creative myself, AND get paid for it! How lucky is that! But I can't pretend that I don't miss being in charge of my own time, my own schedule, and letting my instincts lead me through my day.
The good thing is that I was worried that I would "lose" my art due to having no time to work. But since my job is all about creativity I still feel the inspiration within me to create. And though these first few weeks I'm still adjusting to the new schedule I know that I will be happy to pick up my art materials and tools and spill creativity out into my world perhaps with renewed inspiration. This is the beginning of the next phase of my life. Time to reinvent myself.... again.. and again.. and again.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Help Bernie! Help the Dogs and Cats!

If you're reading this I'm sure you know of Bernie Berlin. Rescuer of dogs and cats, caretaker and queen of pet love. A new collaboration of mixed media artists work is being auctioned off, the proceeds going to help fund Bernie's rescue efforts. It's jam packed with beautiful artwork and I can't think of a better way to give charitably at this time.
The link to the beautiful book being auctioned on ebay is

To find out more about A Place to Bark visit here:

Bernie works so hard traveling all over the country to rescue dogs from shelters that would have otherwise been put down. Any donation you can give will surely be appreciated.

Thank you Renee Troy for letting me know about this latest auction!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Papa's Garden

My father has a garden that is very dear to me. We've always worked on this little garden together. It's just a tiny plot in his big back yard and has been thru many , many transitions in the 38 years he's lived there. When my mom was alive the back yard was alive with green grass, plants, vines, roses, potted plants. But after she died 10 years ago the house and the garden has settled into a depression of miscare. After she died my sisters and I each planted a rose for her. But with busy lives and distance only one remains. The little plot of dirt nearby layed there, refusing to be ignored, remembering what happiness it represented in the past. When I moved back to California, overwhelmed by the disarray in my mothers absence, the garden was there calling me. The one surviving rose showing the strength that I needed, I knew what I needed to do. I dug out the weeds of the little rectangle and brought over the lumber for a raised bed along with compost and plant food. I brought over tomatoes and artichokes and zuccini and my father and I, side by side, dug and planted and staked up that little plot of dirt. And, lastly, I pruned and fed and welled up that good strong rose, thanking it for remaining as my inspiration.

My father was so happy with his garden, though he did grumble about using water during California's water shortage, but he did take care of it and was so happy to harvest the prolific vegetables produced. After all, he is forever the teacher, me, forever the student in his eyes. I have designed and completed 4 big gardens in my life but I am very happy for him to tell me how to dig up a weed.
This year my father turned 88 years old. The garden, as you see it here, does contain a new tomato plant and possibly an artichoke but when these calendulas took over the raised bed it was them that made my father happy. And so they remain, as unconventional as it might be to have flowers mixed in with your veggies, they will stay and what will grow will grow. Last week my father picked all the roses from that happy rose and we brought them to lay on my mothers grave. Now everyone is happy!
The sign that sits in the little garden plot reads "Papa's Garden". I made it for him when I was just a little girl. I love my father and I'm so glad to bring him this little plot of beauty.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted for a while but for the two people that ever read this, I'll share my latest. :-) This is a collage with additional pastels, transparencies and charcoal. It was done for a collaboration among 21 artists --an Exquisite Corpse Exchange. ... meaning that all the pieces will be cut in three pieces, head, torso and legs, so the pages can be flipped around exposing different body parts in each section. This collab was arranged by Red Scott who is brilliant at these kind of artistic collaborations. Anyway, I have received wonderful artwork (prints) from the other artists and now I need to make my little book of some sort to house this 'game'.
And here are my constant companions, my sweets. Only missing is Tucker, my golden retriever who is under my table. The kitties are Gypsy, Barker and Benji and they're watching the birds outside.