Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Book, New Bookmark!

Here's my new bookmark for my new book: What The Dickens by Gregory Maguire of "Wicked" fame. I've read less than one chapter and can see I'm going to love it. And these few pages inspired me to begin my bookmark. If you know me, you may know that I make a new bookmark for every book that I read and I make it before I read it. So it's interesting to see how and if my artwork has anything at all to do with the story when I've finished.
Maguire's subtitle is "The Story of a Rogue Toothfairy". And the first few pages have to do with some kids at home who have run out of food due to some kind of world disaster. So on my bookmark I've included a little doll who's fallen, a ticket food for 1 drink, a narwhale (whose long horn is sometimes considered a tooth) and a piece of the word 'museum' incomplete and falling off the page. There's also a tiny dove of peace with an olive branch in his mouth but poor thing has been smeared, totally by accident but , hmmm, lets see how THAT plays out!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wild Wings

Art is everywhere. Even in a sad situation. No, I didn't draw this.... this is the imprint of one of the many sparrows that mistakenly fly into my window. This happens alllllllll the time and don't worry, they nearly always live! I have left the window dirty so they will see that they can't fly through it but there is always one that will still try.
Anyway, look at the beautiful dust print! I will use this in my art somehow so that his misfortune won't go to waste. (this one was fine and flew off alright.)