Thursday, June 9, 2011

well, it's been forever....

I've been feeling a bit guilty for staying away from my blog for so long. Clearly, going back to work has forced me to give up certain things that I enjoyed as you can see since I've not posted since November! It's incredible to have so much of "me" time taken away, can't get used to that.
But all in all I have enjoyed my job very much! It's a very creative store and the management encourages the creative mind wholeheartedly. For example, on my 'to-do' list yesterday was to do a two page art journal spread for a sample journal to display. And to develop a workshop to teach, anything as long as i'm using our products. Next week I will be putting up our window- sock monkey pirates that I designed. How can I complain about that!
Still I am mentally drained trying to get anything done around home, including groceries and dentist appointments for the teen. My dog never gets his walk anymore :-( I can't visit my old dad as often. My house is a mess.

So I was going to try to get to Michael DeMeng's workshop in Pasadena but it's sold out. Or would love to take Kelly Kilmers journal class (any of them, she's wonderful!) but schedules collide so far. Anybody have any suggestions (southern california) ?